The program of the 2021 Lantern Festival Gala at the reception desk was announced, and the wonderful interpretation lit up the midnight snack.

  Cheerful to welcome the festival, singing and laughing at the Lantern Festival. The "2021 Lantern Festival Gala" of the Central Radio and Television General Station will arrive as scheduled at 20:00 today. All the programs were officially announced, and the program list was freshly released. This year’s Lantern Festival will take the theme of "Spend a good month and have a midnight snack", and use songs, dances, sketches, cross talk, acrobatics, magic, martial arts, operas, musicals and other wonderful programs to convey the family reunion and happy feelings of Chinese children. CCTV-1 comprehensive channel, CCTV-3 variety channel, CCTV-4 Chinese international channel, CCTV literature and art, CCTV video and CCTV audio-visual client broadcast simultaneously. Please watch.

A century-long journey to the founding of the Party | Take responsibility at the critical moment, and strive for innovation: Party building empowers the "sunshine spirit"

Born in the midst of internal troubles and foreign invasion, grew up in hardships and setbacks, and grew stronger in tackling difficulties. It was just in the prime of life that the Communist Party of China (CPC) ushered in its centenary birthday, and the land of China was full of prosperity and vitality.
Looking back,Jiangsu sunshine groupAlways maintain the indomitable mental state and indomitable struggle posture, lead and support with high-quality party building, and forge ahead step by step. In the past 35 years, sweat has spread all over the journey and "sunshine" has spread all over the world.Today, Sunshine Group has become a national key enterprise group and the industry leader supported by the state. It is also the world’s largest wool spinning enterprise and high-end suit production base, and "Sunshine Products" has frequently appeared in major national events and important occasions.
In the face of the ever-developing new situation, Sunshine Group always insists on taking economic construction as the central task, leading the development of enterprises with party building, and effectively improving the operation quality of party affairs construction in enterprises. All party member cadres have built a solid foundation of faith, supplemented the calcium of the spirit, stabilized the rudder of thought, and turned their initial heart and mission into.Pioneering, innovative, insatiable spirit and cooperation, dare to struggle.The actual action.
Leading by example to stimulate the "red kinetic energy" of enterprises
With the production of epidemic prevention materials "assembly number" sounded, in order to make epidemic prevention materials reach the front line of anti-epidemic in a timely manner, "all staff act, go all out, race against time, do everything possible" has become the most authentic portrayal of the backbone of the company in party member.
On the basis of strict epidemic prevention and control measures, Sunshine Group has always maintained a sense of urgency and crisis, taking the lead in promoting the resumption of work and production, and activating the vitality of enterprise development. On February 10, 2020, Sunshine Group, as one of the first enterprises to resume production, strictly followed the prescribed conditions and highest standards for epidemic prevention and control, and resumed production order in a safe, orderly and organized manner while doing scientific prevention and control. Since the resumption of work, there have been special buses and commissioners waiting at major railway stations, and 50 chartered buses have been sent to 3 provinces and 34 counties and cities, and more than 1,200 employees have been taken back without leaving Wan Li Road. Party member, the second branch of clothing, contacted each other according to the list to help all employees go home. Despite fatigue, everyone is duty-bound to be "infected" on this road to fighting the epidemic.
Cultural Empowerment to Build Soft Power of Party Building
In the years of party building work, Sunshine Group has been innovating and exploring, seeking truth and being pragmatic, actively exploring, accumulating a lot of rich and effective experience, building a distinctive party building system and culture, and forming a cultural soft power that empowers the development of enterprises.
Party member, a model worker, leads the innovation team to create an enterprise "innovation culture". By stimulating the vitality of the innovative work team, it provides strong support for the company’s development, upgrading and transformation. On the one hand, Party construction leads and actively builds a perfect innovation management system. Enrich and expand the innovative work function of sunshine labor model, on the basis of the original task of fabric development, timely absorb the newly selected labor model in the professional fields of fabric production, clothing production and so on into the core innovation team, so that the core team has the ability to ensure that the whole process of products from raw materials to ready-to-wear professionally leads technology development, design and production, quality control, standard formulation and lean management; On the other hand, adjust and optimize the division of responsibilities of the core team. Party member model workers carry out "four innovations", namely, thinking innovation, business innovation, management innovation and service innovation, to enhance the planning ability, organization ability, management ability and execution ability of their team members, so that the value of grassroots party member can be fully respected and realized, and the vanguard and exemplary role of party member cadres can be mobilized and brought into play.
At the same time, through the help of party building, we will create an "organizational culture" of enterprises. Enterprises actively connect with village party branches, build party building alliances, and carry out party building and co-construction work. Party organizations carry out joint construction and twinning, party member twinning, learning exchange, volunteer service, twinning and other activities. Enterprises regularly send high-quality Party building resources to the village, and organize party member from the village to visit the Party building position and enterprise development exhibition hall of Sunshine Group. Combined with the actual needs of the whole village and enterprises in party member, we should innovate the carrier of party building, integrate resources, unite together, and improve the quality and organizational strength of party organizations in party member with project-based services. At the same time, scientific guidance was given to the development planning of twinning village, and financial support was given to the construction of "beautiful countryside", with the support fund exceeding 200 million yuan.
Combining the party building project with the actual production and operation activities of enterprises is a major feature of the party building work of Sunshine Group. For example, the party building project "Red Workshop"-the branch is built in the production line, and party building is the productive force ",although the" Red Workshop "is a small carrier, it can effectively realize the same direction and synchronous development of party building work and enterprise development goals, and achieve" strong party building and strong development ". Integrating Party building into the workshop is not only an effective move to activate the "red cells", but also to comprehensively promote the high-quality development of enterprise economy … The fruitful party building work has also won Sunshine Group a series of honors, which has been rated as an advanced grassroots party organization by Wuxi Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China for many times, and was rated as one of the "Five Good" grassroots party organizations and a demonstration site of "Strong Economy and Strong Party Building" by Jiangyin Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China.
Team building is included in the strategic blueprint for winning the future.
At present, the ups and downs of the world economic situation are becoming more and more complicated, and the dual pressures of external shocks and slowing domestic demand make the development of enterprises face many challenges. With the new wave of development such as digitalization and intelligence coming, a team of high-quality party member cadres who are United and can fight well is the greatest confidence for enterprises to face the future.
On the construction of party member team, Sunshine Group attaches great importance to it. Focusing on the needs of transformation and upgrading, according to the principle of "short-term construction, medium-term reserve and long-term planning", the company strives to build a management, technical and service-oriented "grass-roots party member team", develop grass-roots professional and technical personnel through multiple channels, build a technical advisory team with multiple majors and establish career development channels at multiple levels. Boldly reform and innovate in the mechanisms of training, use, evaluation, mobility, encouragement and restraint, and maximize the vitality of grassroots talents in innovation, entrepreneurship and efficiency. With regard to the reserve and management of party member’s reserve forces, based on the principle of "adhering to standards, ensuring quality, improving structure, strictly controlling and carefully developing", we have continuously expanded the training, education and investigation of front-line workers, managers and young intellectuals, focused on developing party member among front-line employees, operational experts and innovative backbones, strengthened the training and investigation of activists joining the Party, and enhanced the vitality and vitality of the party member team. In three years, we have developed a total of 333 new party member.
In the new journey of the "14th Five-Year Plan", we will strengthen our ideals and beliefs, inherit the red genes, dare to face up to contradictions and take responsibility. Sunshine Group will step forward with great strides, persist in doing a good job in enterprises, develop the economy, further condense the spirit of party member cadres to take responsibility and start businesses, and earnestly shoulder the responsibilities entrusted by the party and the people in the new era with the enthusiasm of seizing every minute and the tenacity of dripping water.
Text | Cao Xiuming
Source: China Textile News

A slower love may be happier. The boy met her with the same frequency in the exploration.

Although Liang Fei (pseudonym) has not read many books, he is a very hard-working young man. After several years of social experience, Liang Fei finally had his own career, and his family began to worry about his marriage. Although Liang Fei usually dresses up like a bachelor who has no one to take care of him, in fact, he has already met a nice girl on the scout.
The girl’s name is Linlin (a pseudonym). She is cute in appearance and not gentle in character, but she knows that she cares about people. Her biggest dream is to find a husband who loves and takes care of herself. For Linlin, a husband doesn’t need to be too handsome or too rich, but he must be a man who particularly dotes on his wife.
Liang Fei and Linlin have known each other for a long time, but both of them are traditional and conservative people, so their relationship is progressing relatively slowly. After knowing each other for three months, Liang Fei and Linlin started video chatting. After knowing each other for half a year, they met for the first time. It took them a year to know each other before they officially confirmed their relationship.
When Liang Fei just stepped into the society, he was also an affectionate teenager who really wanted to fall in love. However, after several endless love affairs, Liang Fei finally realized that the key to a reliable relationship is to meet someone with the same frequency. If you slow down a little, you may be able to see a person’s character and conduct more clearly.
Later, Liang Fei met Linlin on exploration. This time, Liang Fei didn’t rush to tell Linlin, but started with Linlin as friends. After getting to know Linlin better, Liang Fei tried to show Linlin his mind. Until this time, Liang Fei didn’t say those three words to Linlin, because he was not sure whether he liked or loved Linlin at the moment.
Linlin is a slow girl, and Liang Fei and Linlin are people with the same frequency. His slow pace left a very good impression on Linlin, and she thought Liang Fei would be a more reliable boy. So, Linlin also agreed to Liang Fei’s meeting request, and the two began to formally date.
As ordinary people, the form and process of dating are roughly the same. Liang Fei is not a romantic man, and he doesn’t know what emotional appeal is, but he is more careful. And Linlin won’t play the woman, won’t pretend to be gentle in front of the person she likes, but she really cares about Liang Fei’s life.
After Liang Fei and Linlin confirmed the relationship, Liang Fei changed a lot. He changed from a rough man dressed casually to a clean and decent boy. Even when he went out to talk about things, his business partners were more confident in their cooperation. And Linlin is really happy like a princess. She can be coaxed and used by Liang Fei when she loses her temper. She can boss Liang Fei around when she is unhappy, and she will be gently held in her arms by Liang Fei when she is uncomfortable …
Once upon a time, cars and horses were slow, and I only loved one person in my life. In fact, in a fast-paced life, slower love may be more happy. There are many single brothers and sisters who are practical and reliable. If you are single, you will definitely meet the ta who "slows down" with you.
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Will "Xiaoxue" snow? | Folk Calendar Twenty-four solar terms

Cover journalist Qin Zhou
"There is a light snow all over the sky, and the coming year will be rich." On November 22 nd, the light snow in the 24 solar terms was ushered in.
"twenty-four solar term" said: "In mid-October, the rain was thin by the cold, so it condensed into snow. The words of the little ones are not prosperous. " Will it snow with light snow? Not necessarily. As a solar term reflecting climate phenomena such as precipitation and temperature, the light snow solar term is not necessarily related to the light snow in the weather.
What are the characteristics of the climate when entering the light snow solar term? The third stage of light snow: the rainbow disappears, the weather rises, the atmosphere drops, and the occlusion becomes winter. What is the meaning behind it? "There is light snow all over the sky, and there will be a bumper year in the coming year." Is there any meteorological principle behind this agricultural proverb? Let’s listen to Wang Liwei, a lecturer in the Department of Atmospheric Science, College of Agriculture, Shenyang Agricultural University, and explain it for you.
The plants were frosted. According to Xinhuanet
Is it sure to snow with light snow?
Light snow is the 20th solar term among the 24 solar terms and the 2nd solar term in winter, which falls on November 22nd or 23rd of the Gregorian calendar every year. Light snow, like rain and Grain Rain, is a solar term reflecting precipitation. Will there be some light snow on the day of the light snow solar term? Not really.
Wang Liwei, a lecturer in the Department of Atmospheric Science at the Agricultural College of Shenyang Agricultural University, explained that it is called "light snow" because "snow" here means cold, with emphasis on "small", which means it is not too cold now, even if it snows, it will not be too big. The meaning of "light snow" in the light snow solar term is different from that in the daily weather forecast. The light snow solar term is a climate concept, and the light snow in the weather forecast refers to the snow with less snowfall intensity.
During the light snow solar term, the temperature in the northern region began to drop to below zero, snow began to fall in North China, and frozen soil began to appear in Northeast China. Although there is no snowfall in the south, except for Lingnan and some coastal areas, most cities have entered winter and the weather is getting colder and colder.
Light snow three wait:
When the rainbow disappears, the weather rises, the atmosphere drops, and the occlusion becomes winter.
Phenology refers to the periodic natural phenomena such as animals, plants, birds and weather that change with the seasons. From the phenological phenomenon, the ancients divided the light snow solar terms into three periods: one is that the rainbow disappears; Second, the weather rises and the atmosphere drops; The third weather is blocked and becomes winter.
Wang Liwei introduced that once the rainbow disappeared, he said that it was no longer raining in the northern region, and it was naturally difficult to find the rainbow after the rain. Because the rainbow is formed by sunlight shining on the spherical water droplets in the air and the light is refracted and reflected. The light snow is very cold, even if there are small water droplets in the sky, they are frozen into small ice crystals or small snowflakes, so naturally it is impossible to refract and reflect the rainbow.
The ancients regarded weather and local atmosphere as important phenology to feel the phenomenon, indicating that heaven and earth can’t communicate at this time. "When the weather rises in the second season, the earth’s atmosphere drops" and "When the weather closes in the third season, it becomes winter", which means that the yang in the sky rises and the yin in the ground drops, resulting in the disharmony between Yin and Yang and the impassability between heaven and earth. It is precisely because Yin and Yang don’t meet, heaven and earth don’t connect, everything in nature drifts and loses its vitality, and trees wither, so that it is blocked into winter, that is to say, it becomes the appearance of winter.
There is a light snow all over the sky, and the coming year will be rich.
As the agricultural proverb goes, "there is light snow all over the sky, and the coming year will be rich." The ancients believed that light snow had just entered winter, and it was a good sign that it began to snow at the beginning of winter. Until next year, the rain would be even and there would be no drought or flood. Wang Liwei believes that this agricultural proverb first expresses a good wish. In addition, it also contains certain scientific truth. "Secondly, it snows when it snows lightly, which will directly freeze the pests and germs in the farmland. By next year, it will reduce the pests and diseases in the fields and ensure the healthy growth of crops. Finally, it snowed when there was a light snow, and the earth began to enter the freezing period. And this snow can be like a quilt, which can keep the crops warm, which can not only block the invasion of cold air, but also reduce the heat transfer from the soil. "
Take winter wheat as an example. Covering with snow can protect wheat seedlings from overwintering safely. Wang Liwei said that in general, the newly fallen snow has large pores and the best heat preservation effect. If the snow is kept above 3 cm, it will be very helpful for winter wheat. Moreover, the melting of snow in the coming year can replenish soil moisture, make the soil wetter, and also promote the decomposition of organic matter in the soil and improve fertility. Therefore, there are also sayings that "winter wheat is covered with three layers of quilts, and next year I sleep with steamed bread under my pillow" and "snow is auspicious for a bumper year". These agricultural proverbs are valuable experiences summed up by the ancient working people through long-term exploration. Although it is not applicable to all parts of the country, it still has high reference value for some agricultural production in the north.
Busy farming in light snow season
In ancient times, it was not cold enough to go out during the light snow season. So at this time, the ancients advocated "repairing" and "visiting friends". Even so, there are still some farming things to worry about.
Wang Liwei introduced that wheat should be hoed and crushed and suppressed in winter to ensure the safe overwintering of wheat seedlings and lay a good foundation for next spring. For winter rape, it is necessary to pay close attention to thinning seedlings, fixing seedlings, cultivating soil in intertillage and applying fertilizer reasonably to improve the cold resistance of rape. For livestock, it is necessary to catch autumn fat and prepare enough grass food, such as straw, vegetable leaves, sweet potato vines, etc. In winter grazing, it is necessary to go out late and return early, livestock and poultry houses should take measures to keep warm and keep out the cold, and fruit trees should be cut quickly. According to the characteristics of each crop, planning ahead of time is to have a good harvest in the coming year.
Rape transplanting began in some areas of Sichuan Basin in the light snow solar term, and winter wheat is also in the three-leaf stage. It is necessary to do a good job of fertilizer and water management for weak seedlings before winter, and strive to cultivate strong seedlings for overwintering. All orchards should make full use of favorable weather conditions to complete the management of overwintering orchards in time to ensure the safe overwintering of fruit trees in the later period. When planting vegetables in greenhouse, we should also pay attention to ventilation while keeping warm, so as to prevent wet-loving diseases such as downy mildew and gray mold caused by high humidity.
Poster production of Xiaoxue solar terms: Liu Yuxi

The fifth episode of "Zero Tolerance": The window staff of the government affairs hall embezzled 69 million public funds for three years, and went to work in Chuzhou, lived in Shanghai, and went back

In June 2021, the Intermediate People’s Court of Chuzhou City, Anhui Province auctioned the property involved in a corruption case, including a "green-eyed white dragon" game card.
It is a souvenir of an online game, and it has no practical function. However, due to the limited global distribution of 500 copies, the market price is about 100,000 yuan. Unexpectedly, only half an hour after the shooting started, the bidding was raised to 87 million yuan. Although this is only the result of netizens bidding at random with the mentality of joining in the fun, no one really pays the bill, which leads to the auction, but this game card and its former owner Zhang Yujie have attracted great attention from the society.
On January 19th, the fifth episode of the anti-corruption feature film "Zero Tolerance" was broadcast, which revealed that some financial personnel were "small officials and huge corruptions", one of which was Zhang Yujie, a staff member of Chuzhou Real Estate Registration Center in Anhui Province.
According to CCTV news reports, Zhang Yujie’s specific job is to receive citizens at the lobby window of the government service center, collect funds for house purchase custody, fill in custody agreements, and issue bank deposit certificates and fund custody certificates. After investigation, during the three years from 2016 to 2019, he embezzled more than 69 million yuan of public funds by means of not recording the collection and forging the collection facts.
In March 2020, Zhang Yujie was detained.
Compared with traditional corruption cases, the property involved in this case is very special, and there are many game equipment. And the reason why he has the idea of embezzling public funds is related to playing online games.
One day in 2016, a buyer took tens of thousands of yuan in cash to handle fund custody. As he could only pay by credit card according to the regulations, Zhang Yujie first went through the formalities for him and deposited the cash in his card, intending to help him pay by credit card the next day. Who knows that when playing games that night, I couldn’t help spending all these tens of thousands of dollars because I bought equipment.
"Charge, charge, charge to the card shows insufficient balance. At the beginning, it was the most fearful time, so I will take it slowly. I will pay it back first. I thought so at that time. " Zhang Yujie confessed, "As a result, no one has ever discovered it. At this time, I began to think that if I get a little more, it should be okay. The back is really like an avalanche, and I can’t stop at all."
"He felt that today I bought a suit of online game equipment, and I made a customs clearance on it smartly, and my life value was realized. I didn’t regard work and serving the people as my ideal. Put him in a position where he can easily get money, and it will be strange if there is no problem. " Fang Yangqing, a staff member of the Supervision Committee of the Chuzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, introduced.
He confessed that part of the money was spent on playing games, and a larger part was "basically spent on spending with his girlfriend". He said that after he started spending, he found that he couldn’t control his desire to spend. "You can’t pay the latter amount. At this time, the mentality of breaking the jar has come out again, and I feel that it has not been discovered anyway, so let’s do it first."
The investigation found that nearly 70 million yuan of Zhang Yujie’s corruption had almost been squandered by the time of the crime, and only a few were spent on games, most of which were spent on various high-end consumption.
He has made three girlfriends, bought various luxury brands of clothing, watches and jewelry for them, traveled around and experienced various luxury enjoyment together. The most expensive luxury submarine suite in a hotel in Hainan costs 100,000 yuan a night, and Zhang Yujie and a girlfriend stayed here for four consecutive nights. He naturally won’t tell his girlfriend how the money came from.
According to the discipline inspection personnel, for a long time, Zhang Yujie worked in Chuzhou during the day, but actually lived in Shanghai. After work every night, he took the high-speed train from Chuzhou to Shanghai, rented a house in Shanghai for 38,000 a month, and then took the earliest high-speed train to Chuzhou in the morning. As long as there is no money to spend, Zhang Yujie once again reached out to public funds and embezzled public funds for more than 400 times in three years.
The staff of the Supervision Committee of the Chuzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection analyzed that the dereliction of duty and dereliction of duty of the relevant personnel exposed in the Zhang Yujie case was shocking. If someone gave him a hand, or someone found it, "Hey, Xiao Zhang, what happened to this small ticket you filled out today? Even if he is reminded, it is a pity that these have not appeared. "
After investigation, Chuzhou City, from the municipal real estate transaction department to the real estate registration center and transaction management department, all failed in their duties. According to the relevant system issued by Chuzhou City in 2011, the fund custody window must be set up separately, with one person receiving, one person reviewing and one person handling vouchers and supervising each other. However, the real estate registration center has never been implemented according to the system, from the main leaders to the section chief, and no one even knows about this system.
It is precisely because he saw the extreme lack of unit management that Zhang Yujie dared to take risks again and again.
In 2019, when he planned to get married, he bought a second-hand villa in the name of his girlfriend. Without paying a penny for the house, he used his position to falsely open a set of fund custody procedures, and the house purchase was paid from the fund pool.
Subsequently, he resigned from the unit, imagining that he might get away with it. However, his illegal behavior was soon discovered and Zhang Yujie was locked up.
In November 2020, Zhang Yujie was sentenced to life imprisonment. In addition, a total of 19 party member leading cadres and public officials at all levels have different degrees of responsibility, and they have all been held accountable. Among them, the chief and deputy chief of the transaction management section have constituted the crime of dereliction of duty and were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment.
Editor: Su Zhan
Editor in charge: Fan Jing

Cold knowledge! Why are you afraid of snow in skiing competitions?

There was fierce fighting in the Winter Olympics, and snow fell in Zhangjiakou on the 12th. What is the impact of snowfall on snow projects? How do each division respond to ensure the smooth progress of the event?
Reporter’s visit:
Natural snowfall is fluffy and humid.
Funa is more suitable for competition.
Xu Mengzhe, a reporter from the General Station: In fact, the impact of natural snowfall on competitions, especially snow events, is quite great. This is fresh snow, very fluffy, and it is humid.
Xu Mengzhe, a reporter from the reception desk: Look at the floor below. This is our funa. It is very hard, and our snowplow has been pressed many times. This is what meets the requirements of our athletes’ competition. Therefore, the staff are clearing the floating snow, which can ensure the normal operation of our games and reduce the probability of athletes being injured.
Winter Olympics and Cold Knowledge
Snowfall will affect the track and visibility
Why are you afraid of snow in skiing competitions? First of all, snow will affect the track. First, the temperature rise accompanied by snow will affect the temperature and quality of snow on the track, so the types and amount of waxing of athletes’ skis need to be adjusted accordingly. Second, the new snow brought by snowfall will make the surface of the track soft and increase the friction, which is not conducive to the players’ play. However, the visibility is low in snowy weather, which will affect the sight of athletes and referees. Especially for high-speed skaters, it is very dangerous. So, to what extent will the snowfall stop the game? The reporter learned from the track management that this has nothing to do with the amount of snow, but it needs the consistency of the snow surface of the track to reach a certain standard before stopping the race. There will be professionals responsible for checking and judging.
Genting ski park:
Ski doctors are all in battle
Can be transported in the first time.
On the 12th, Genting Ski Park ushered in the mixed team final of snowboarding obstacle pursuit in the snowstorm. Genting Stadium Group also conducted official training. All 138 medical staff were on duty, and on the snowy road with slope obstacle skills of more than 400 meters, four medical teams and two standby teams were waiting.
National ski jumping center leveled the track.
Snow and wind protection
Snowflakes also fell on the 12th at the National Ski-jumping Center, which is known as "the snow is pleasant". Before the snow stopped, the operation support team began to level the track. They pressed and stepped on the track to provide a safe track environment for athletes to land. Some people worry that if the snowfall is accompanied by strong winds, how can the "snow is good" be countered? It turns out that the valley of Chongli ancient poplar has a natural drop of more than 130 meters, and there are mountains on both sides that can shield or weaken the wind, and the construction of windbreak in the later period ensures that the wind speed in the take-off area of the site is below 4 meters per second.
Wind and snow blowing operation in National Cross-country Skiing Center
Clear the snow trough
On the 12th, the National Cross-country Skiing Center also held the women’s 4x5km relay race, in which the athletes used the opened snow chute. If there is snow in the snow chute, it will greatly affect the skating speed and performance of the athletes.
The mountain operation team of the venue started the emergency mechanism in advance, arranged a 20-person snow removal team to blow snow on the 5 km track to fully guarantee the operation of the event.
Source: CCTV news client
Trainee Editor: Bo Xun
Audit: Yang Ye
Coordinator: Sun Jiawei

On February 5th, Zhejiang Swimming Team will come to the Olympic Sports Center.

Chao News Client Reporter Zhang Ran Correspondent Hong Meina

On February 5th, Zhejiang Swimming Team will soon return to the Olympic Sports Center.

Respondents of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Swimming Pool provided

It is reported that on the same day, Wang Shun, Xu Jiayu, Ye Shiwen, Wu Qingfeng and Hong Jinquan, members of the "Zhejiang Swimming Champion Team" of the Hangzhou Asian Games, will bring many other national champion athletes to the swimming pool of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center to witness the signing of the swimming pool with the Zhejiang Swimming Management Center and the unveiling of the Zhejiang Swimming Team Training Base.

Provided by respondents of Zhejiang Swimming Sky Group

The swimming pool of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center has a total construction area of 53,959 square meters and more than 6,400 seats. It is the second largest swimming and diving hall in China after Beijing Water Cube. On September 29th, 2023, the six-day swimming competition of Hangzhou Asian Games came to an end in the swimming pool of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center.

The Zhejiang Swimming Army, which fought at home, is the most beautiful scenery in the Asian Games. It contributed 14 gold, 7 silver and 3 bronze to the China delegation, accounting for half of the gold medals in the Asian Games, breaking 5 Asian records and 3 Asian Games records.

In November last year, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Qianjiang Century City, Wang Shun was hired as the brand official of Qianjiang Century City, to build a first-class competition core area for this "Asian Games City" and to better publicize and promote sports at home and abroad.

Provided by indoor interviewees in the swimming pool of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center

"This time, joining hands with Zhejiang Swimming Sports Management Center and listing the provincial swimming team training base to help cultivate more reserve talents of Zhejiang Swimming Army is an important measure for Century City to strengthen the competition economy and help Xiaoshan build the first competition economic zone in the province." Qianjiang Century City staff said.

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Prosperous left hand and quiet right hand enjoy Suqian ancient canal scenery belt.

  Fancy left hand

  Quiet right hand

  Have a rest and enjoy peace by the water.

  If you come to Suqian alone, start a quiet journey of one person. Here, you can not only feel the modernity and prosperity of the city, but also appreciate the ecology and tranquility of the Suqian section of the ancient canal.

  Soaring thousands of miles, sighing about Qian Qian.

  The boat of the canal, from south to north, is endless. Looking at the bridge, the past of the city, countless beautiful scenery.

  Suqian is born of water and prospers because of water. The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal passes through the territory and meanders. Looking at the two sides of the canal, the green water sets off the greenery, and high-rise buildings rise not far away, and a different feeling rises from the bottom of my heart.

  Stroll through the scenic belt of Suyu Central Canal, walk into the most beautiful canal coastline in Siyang, indulge in the tenderness of the river, enjoy the scenery along the way and feel the leisurely and slow life of Shuicheng with the boat.

  nasal mucussuntransportriverwindlightbelt

  "Bridge" meets Xi Chu and listens to a secret language.

  The winding Grand Canal is the "mother river" of Suqian people. Today, when the banks of the canal are becoming more and more beautiful, bridges span the banks of the canal, bearing the memories of countless Suqian people.

  "Bridge" meets Suqian and listens to the secret language of Canal Bridge. How many bridges are there in Suqian section of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal? Let’s count them.

  North Ring Canal Bridge, Nanjing Road Canal Bridge, Development Avenue Canal Bridge, Yanghe Bridge, Canal Culture Bridge, Zaohe An Lan Bridge and many other canal bridges are either classical or fashionable, and the stories of the city are recorded in the joyful songs of canal water. Overlooking from the sky, is this place of Xi Chu particularly attractive?

  Perhaps, when you meet a canal bridge unexpectedly, someone is watching you from a distance when you are standing on the bridge watching the scenery.

  Seek seclusion by the river and explore the style of Shuicheng.

  As far as you can see, there are many cultural attractions beside the canal bridge. Canal History Museum, outdoor theater, sightseeing tower, outdoor cafe, cruise terminal ….. Garden beauty and characteristic buildings are embedded in it, which enriches the wonderful swimming along the river.

  Cross the canal bridge and walk along the riverside road to a street in the city, turning quiet into excitement. A tall building next to another, an alley after another, a new look, all tell the story about Suqian.

The leader of the college entrance examination composition marking team published a book to teach writing. Experts questioned: The examination institute should respond.

  Recently, this year’s perfect composition "Living in a Tree" in Zhejiang College Entrance Examination triggered a hot discussion among netizens, and Chen Jianxin, the leader of the composition marking group of Zhejiang College Entrance Examination and an associate professor of Zhejiang University, received attention. Some netizens pointed out that Chen Jianxin was the editor-in-chief of the college entrance examination composition teaching aid book, and gave many lectures on college entrance examination composition teaching, and questioned Chen Jianxin’s "abuse of power for personal gain".

  In this regard, the survey in The Paper found that Chen Jianxin had edited two supplementary books on composition for college entrance examination in 2016 and 2019, and gave lectures on "Intensive Training Course on Composition for College Entrance Examination" through Tencent Classroom, Qingyun Duan Micro Classroom, Southern Academy and other platforms, with a price of 199 yuan. In addition, he has given many lectures on composition for teachers and students in Zhejiang Province.

  Is Chen Jianxin’s behavior illegal or "abusing power for personal gain"? When interviewed by The Paper, many education experts said that it is necessary for Zhejiang Education Examinations Institute to answer and decide whether college entrance examination examiners edit relevant books and give lectures in violation of regulations.

  Recently, The Paper repeatedly called the Scientific Research and Publicity Department of Zhejiang Education Examinations Institute, but no one answered the phone.

  With regard to a series of discussions triggered by the perfect score composition of Zhejiang college entrance examination, many education experts also mentioned that further education reform should be carried out to change the way of education evaluation.

  Editor-in-chief of the college entrance examination composition teaching assistant, lecturing on the "intensive training course of college entrance examination composition" for 199 yuan.

  The Paper noted that Chen Jianxin had participated in the editing of two supplementary books on college entrance examination composition, namely, Selected Comments on Essays published by Zhejiang Education Publishing House in 2016 and Practical Training on College Entrance Examination Composition published in 2019. At present, these two books are sold on multiple e-commerce platforms.

  In a shop of an e-commerce platform, the introduction of "Selected Comments on Discourse Articles" shows that Chen Jianxin, the editor-in-chief of the book, is priced in 30 yuan, and the content is divided into five parts; The latest revised edition published in 2017 added the "2017 college entrance examination composition marking standard" and "selected more than 20 examination room compositions and authentic comments".

  According to the information of another store on the above-mentioned e-commerce platform, one of the two editors of the College Entrance Examination Composition Practical Training is Chen Jianxin, whose price is 59 yuan, and the designated purchase method is "Xinhua Bookstore in Zhejiang Province". The book also contains full-score compositions and comments from the college entrance examination.

  In addition, Chen Jianxin’s "Intensive Training Course of College Entrance Examination Composition" was launched on Tencent Classroom, Qingyun Micro Classroom and other platforms, and was promoted through the media platform in late April 2019.

Screenshot of the related publicity page of "College Entrance Examination Composition Intensive Training Course" by Chen Jianxin.

  The poster of this course is written with the words "2019 College Entrance Examination Composition" and "College Entrance Examination Composition Intensive Training Course for Candidates by College Entrance Examination Marking Teachers". According to the lecturer, Chen Jianxin has been the leader of the composition marking group of Zhejiang College Entrance Examination since 2000, presiding over the composition marking work of Zhejiang College Entrance Examination every year, and evaluating the perfect composition every year. The introduction of the course features in the poster also emphasizes "the head of the college entrance examination marking team and the famous marking teacher personally teach", "accurately coping with the scoring points of the college entrance examination composition" and "writing skills that can be directly applied to the examination room composition".

  According to the information in the publicity page, the "2019 College Entrance Examination Composition Intensive Training Course" was created by Zhejiang Education Publishing Group, with a total of 18 sessions, including the college entrance examination composition marking and high score points, examination, conception, breakthrough in essay writing, and the use of words and phrases. The online course is priced at 199 yuan in Tencent classroom and Southern Academy platform.

  In addition, Chen Jianxin has given lectures on composition for college entrance examination for Zhejiang teachers and students for many times.

  Official website, Education Bureau of Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, shows that Chen Jianxin gave a special lecture on composition for the 2019 college entrance examination for all senior high school teachers in Deqing County in March 2019 in Deqing No.1 Middle School of Huzhou. Official website, the People’s Government of Cangnan County, Zhejiang Province, shows that Chen Jianxin participated in the "On-the-spot Meeting of Writing Guidance for Senior High School Chinese College Entrance Examination" hosted by Cangnan County Education Bureau in March 2018, giving lectures on composition guidance for nearly 200 senior high school Chinese teachers. Official website of Hangzhou Xuejun Middle School in Zhejiang Province showed that Chen Jianxin had given a lecture entitled "How to write a good exposition article" at the school in April 2017, and the audience was all senior three students of Hangzhou Xuejun Middle School.

  On the morning of August 10th, according to the report of The Paper, Chen Jianxin responded that he was "unclear" about compiling teaching AIDS for college entrance examination composition.

  Whether the relevant behavior is illegal or not needs to be answered by Zhejiang Education Examinations Institute.

  In the past few days, the concern aroused by the perfect score composition of Zhejiang college entrance examination has shifted from the discussion on the text of Living in a Tree and whether the full score given by the composition is reasonable to the disclosure of the marking situation by the head of the Chinese marking group of the college entrance examination, the editing of the teaching aid book of the college entrance examination composition, and whether the intensive training courses and lectures on the college entrance examination composition are in compliance and whether it is suspected of abusing power for personal gain.

  In this regard, on August 10th, Chen Zhiwen, editor-in-chief of China Education Online, said in an interview with The Paper that there was no room for discussion about how to judge the perfect composition in Zhejiang College Entrance Examination. "In fact, foreign exams such as TOEFL, IELTS SAT, GRE, etc., candidates need to sign a statement on the transfer of rights before the exam. The core meaning is that right or wrong is determined by the organizers of the exam, not by people including candidates." Chen Zhiwen said.

  He believes that among the concerns caused by the perfect score composition of Zhejiang college entrance examination, the only point worth discussing is: Who pushed a topic that is not suitable for discussion in the public opinion field to the public opinion field?

  On August 5th, Wen Rumin, editor-in-chief of Chinese textbooks for primary and secondary schools hired by the Ministry of Education, pointed out in the Weibo that the marking of the college entrance examination should be kept confidential, and all participants in marking should not disclose the marking situation to the outside world, and bluntly said, "It is illegal to disclose the Zhejiang perfect score composition in the journal for the first time."

  In addition, on August 10th, Chu Zhaohui, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences, told The Paper that it was definitely not suitable for the group leader of Chinese composition marking in the college entrance examination to write and publish the college entrance examination composition guidance book and give lectures on composition guidance.

  In this regard, Chen Zhiwen said that, unlike the proposer, the management of college entrance examination examiners is relatively not too confidential. Therefore, whether it is illegal for college entrance examination examiners to go out to give lectures and publish some related books requires the relevant departments of various provinces to answer and decide.

  Similarly, Xiong Bingqi, president of the 21st Century Education Research Institute, pointed out that it is not rational to discuss the issue just because Chen Jianxin published books and participated in lectures. Whether there is any act of illegally seeking personal gain by using the identity of the group leader of Chinese composition marking in Chen Jianxin requires the involvement of relevant departments in the investigation.

  An education expert who did not want to be named bluntly said: "Zhejiang Education Examinations Institute has the responsibility to stand up and respond to public questions."

  Expert: The entrance examination should be changed from "selection" to "evaluation"

  Xiong Bingqi believes that it is impossible for the examiners to disclose the college entrance examination questions, and it is not against the regulations to interpret the marking standards for serving candidates, with the leader of the marking group as the editor-in-chief and publishing books on composition guidance.

  Chu Zhaohui, on the other hand, said that Chen Jianxin is not alone in publishing books and giving lectures by examiners in the college entrance examination. Some training institutions still use examiners to conduct commercial speculation. He believes that this kind of situation has both loopholes in the system and lax management, so it is necessary to improve the system and strengthen management.

  In addition, Chen Zhiwen believes that the statement that "Chen Jianxin has been the head of the Zhejiang College Entrance Examination Chinese composition marking group since 2000 and presided over the annual Zhejiang College Entrance Examination composition marking work" needs to be verified by the authorities. "There are still many people who claim to be the leader of the proposition, or the proposer. Can you believe it?" Chen Zhiwen said.

  Talking about a series of discussions triggered by the perfect score composition of Zhejiang College Entrance Examination, Chu Zhaohui and Xiong Bingqi both mentioned the need for further education reform.

  Xiong Bingqi pointed out that the focus of the contradiction lies in the fact that the college entrance examination is a selection test, not an evaluation test. The so-called selection test is to select candidates fairly, and it doesn’t matter whether the selection system is scientific or not; The evaluation test, on the other hand, is to pass the test to evaluate students’ mastery of real subject knowledge and subject accomplishment.

  He believes that it is difficult to solve the problem of exam-oriented composition atmosphere through marking. "To improve the quality of composition proposition and reading, further improve the quality of Chinese education, and the quality of education in all subjects, we need to promote the reform of the examination enrollment system and effectively change the entrance examination from ‘ Selection ’ , the reform is ‘ Evaluation ’ . Otherwise, the controversy surrounding the proposition and marking is just ‘ Chicken feathers in one place ’ 。”

  Chu Zhaohui believes that the controversial issue reflects from a deeper level that the current enrollment examination program design is not standardized and professional. "In a more standardized and professional procedure, the questioner doesn’t have to write the questions in a closed environment, and the questions need to go through multiple procedures and various tests before ‘ Out of the oven ’ ; In the marking session, it will not be determined that a certain person will be the team leader for a long time. " Chu Zhaohui said.

  "There is still a long distance between the professionalism and modernity of the college entrance examination enrollment process and modern education evaluation." Chu Zhaohui, for example, said that some foreign exams judged that candidates cheated, not because they caught the candidates plagiarizing in the examination room, but because they initiated the analysis of the answer results, and if the analysis results showed that some answers reached a certain similarity, they were considered cheating.

  In this regard, Chu Zhaohui’s idea can allow ordinary colleges and universities to use students’ academic performance in high school as the basis for enrollment, thus narrowing the scope of the college entrance examination. In this way, the workload of marking and evaluating the college entrance examination is relatively reduced, and it is possible to analyze and evaluate the results of the college entrance examination according to different levels, to reverse the problems of exam-oriented teaching and routine answering, and to promote the specialization and modernization of educational evaluation. (The Paper reporter Tina Cheng intern Zhou Xiaohang)

Swimming inventory: the "gender imbalance" between the United States and Australia, the China Navy is no longer "water"

  In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Phelps’ eight gold medals broke the 36-year-old record that was once considered inaccessible by swimmer Mark Spitz. Phelps participated in men’s 400m individual medley, men’s 200m individual medley, men’s 100m butterfly, men’s 200m butterfly, men’s 200m freestyle, men’s 4x100m freestyle relay, men’s 4x200m freestyle relay and men’s 4x100m medley relay successively at the Beijing Olympic Games, winning eight gold medals, breaking seven world records, and gaining fourteen individual medals. Phelps set an insurmountable record for others. China News Agency issued Du Yang photo

  On the morning of August 10th, on the first day of the swimming final of the Beijing Olympic Games, China’s Zhang Lin won the silver medal in the men’s 400m freestyle, while South Korean Park Tae hwan and American Zhan Sen won the championship and the third place respectively. This is also the first time that a male athlete from China has won an Olympic medal. China News Agency issued Du Yang photo

  BEIJING, Aug. 16 (Xinhua) Title: Swimming Inventory: The United States and Australia are "gender imbalance" and the China Navy is no longer "water"

  Author: Lu Chunyan

  On August 17th, "prodigy" michael phelps led the American team to win the gold medal in the men’s 4×100 medley relay final, and won his eighth gold medal in Beijing. This marks the end of the swimming event in Beijing, which is second only to the 46 gold medals in track and field. The "Water Cube" of this Olympic Games has turned into a "Water Cube", and the world record has been labeled as "fragile". The United States and Australia have their own gains in competing for hegemony, and the China Navy has also seen hope in its progress.

  "Yang Prosperity and Yin Decline" VS "Yin Prosperity and Yang Decline" The United States and Australia strive for hegemony and "gender imbalance"

  Compared with the Athens swimming event, the gorgeous performance of the American swimming team in the Water Cube can be described as "dominating the world". The results of 12 gold medals, 9 silver medals and 9 bronze medals left Australia’s 6 gold medals, 6 silver medals and 8 bronze medals far behind.

  However, Australia, suppressed by the United States, should also be respected. After all, today’s swimming world has the strength to challenge the American team, and it is Australia. The remaining 14 gold medals were divided among 11 countries, with Britain, Germany and Japan each taking two, and China, Brazil, Tunisia, South Korea, the Netherlands, Italy, France and Zimbabwe each taking one.

  The distribution of gold medals in the American swimming delegation showed a situation of "Yang flourishes and Yin declines". Male athletes won 10 of the 12 gold medals, and they monopolized five-eighths of the Olympic men’s swimming events under the leadership of Phelps. Only coughlin and Sony saved a little face for American female swimmers.

  Unlike the United States, which relies on men’s events, Australia has completely embarked on the "female route". All six gold medals in the "Water Cube" were won by female athletes, while male athletes only got three silver medals and three bronze medals. Compared with the American team, Australia’s "Yin flourishes while Yang declines" seems to be more thorough.

  "Yin flourishes and Yang declines" VS "Yang flourishes and Yin declines", and there is a gender imbalance between the United States and Australia. In August, a gender war was staged at the National Aquatics Center.

  World records are labeled as "fragile" and old records are turned into rarities.

  The Water Cube staged a "war epic" against the "world record" from the first match day when two world records were born in the four finals. Seven of the eight gold medals won by the American "prodigy" rewrote the world record, and even the only gold medal in the 100m butterfly, which was "lighter" than the other seven gold medals, was almost the same as the world record. What’s more, Zimbabwe’s Coventry started a record-breaking trip in the preliminaries.

  The birth of one new world record after another makes the audience seem to have formed "aesthetic fatigue" on the records, and a large number of newly released records really test everyone’s memory. All of a sudden, those records that have been preserved have become rare, and they can still be "immune" when such large-scale good results are released, which shows the preciousness of these old records.

  Men make history. China swims in the "Water Cube" and sees hope.

  China swimming, dormant in the downturn, finally saw the hope of recovery in the "Water Cube". One gold, three silvers, two bronzes, three 4th, one 5th, one 7th and one 8th in this Olympic Games are enough for China to get a performance score of 80 points. All these have become the best evidence that Zhang Yadong, the head coach, pointed out that China Water Army began to walk out of the trough.

  Liu Zige, Jiao Liuyang and other young players have changed the situation in 2007, and Zhang Lin’s silver medal has also shown us the progress of male athletes.

  The most significant one is the silver medal in the men’s 400-meter freestyle from Zhang Lin. Even in Barcelona, the most splendid swimming place in China, the male swimmers from China failed to grab a gold and a half silver. Zhang Lin won the first medal in Olympic history for men’s swimming in China with his own efforts and national support.

  However, we should also see that China’s swimming strength is still far from the collective advantage of the United States and Australia, and the highlights are only concentrated in three or two events. Moreover, China’s swimming does not have the domineering and winning strength of the United States and Australia.

  However, I still believe that "a single spark can start a prairie fire", and I hope that China Swimming, which finds a breakthrough point, can make a name for itself in the Olympic swimming field through its own efforts.

  "God" Phelps, the first man in the centennial Olympic Games, ascended the throne in Beijing.

  After winning the NBA championship three times in a row, the media commented that "Jordan is God wearing a jersey and playing"; Once again won the NBA championship for three consecutive times, the media commented that "even God can’t beat Jordan in his jersey". Therefore, even with bare arms, God may not be able to win eight gold medals in an Olympic Games, but the "prodigy" did it.

  Michael phelps seems to have come to Beijing to break the record. He has seven world records in eight competitions, a single Olympic gold medal record with eight gold medals and an individual Olympic gold medal record with fourteen gold medals. Phelps is proving himself to be the "Water Cube" and the king of Olympic history with figures that others can’t match.

  When Bolt broke the world record and won the 100-meter new Olympic champion, the media who liked the new and hated the old questioned the ownership of "the best athlete in Beijing Olympic Games". In fact, this is a very simple arithmetic problem. Can’t nine records beat one record? The record of eight gold medals of "prodigy" was accumulated in the Olympic Games for a hundred years, but who can say that the record road of 9.69 seconds can be kept fresh in a hundred years?

  For 23-year-old Phelps, the Beijing Olympic Games is probably just a "walk" of his brilliant career, because he will be 27 years old in four years, which is the best age for professional athletes. At that time, he will give the world the expectation of several Olympic gold medals. (End)

Editor: Xiao Jinping